What does Mola do?

Light beams tend to radiate from a light source in all directions – from 1 to 360 degrees in all dimensions of space. The sun, or even a good old fashioned light bulb clearly demonstrate this tendency. While the inclination to scatter is useful in many applications, it is the enemy of the photographer seeking to control the direction and intensity of light.

To reduce light scatter, photographers use reflectors which gather beams headed in the wrong direction and redirect them toward a subject. Unfortunately, many of the common reflector configurations now available are either unwieldy or inefficient.

That’s why we have created the Mola reflectors. Mola’s unique patented designs allow you to get more work out of less light. Designed by a photographer for photographers, the Mola reflectors captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. It is shaped to intercept all paths of light, no matter which direction they leave the flash tube, and redirect them toward the subject. This is a big improvement on most square boxlights, which can only focus a portion of the light available.

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