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Mola users: Epaillard + Machado – Face Bike Project

Talented French photography and film-making team, Epaillard and Machado, bring us a very interesting project they recently lensed. During the 31st International Motorcycling Meeting in Faro, Portugal, they approached bikers to make non-traditional portraits of them. This event attracts some 80,000 people each year so they weren’t short on subjects to photograph! Doing away with makeup, fashion and possibly every hint of conventional fashion beauty, they photograph some tough-looking bikers. In fact they were all very kind and very interested […]

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Mola user: Jonathan Dear - Winter Portfolio build

Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Winter Portfolio build

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear brings us some lovely winter images (Australian winter currently) he lensed recently as part of a model’s portfolio build. All the following images were lit with the white 22″ mola demi with stacked central OPAL + PAD diffusers. Either the diffusion sock was used to get some really sort subtle lighting for fill or the white 22″ mola FLXgrid was used for some more angled light. www.vibrantphotography.com.au www.vph.co/blog

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Mola user: Nelson Lai - Sloans shoot

Mola user: Nelson Lai – Sloans shoot

Dipping back down-under, we say g’day to Sydney fashion photographer, Nelson Lai. Nelson brings us some lovely images from his recent photoshoot for Sloans, a high-end hair stylist in Sydney. Nelson used two Mola’s to light these shots. The fill light was a white 28″ Mola Setti unsocked with OPAL central deflector and the main light being a white 22″ Mola Demi with white mola flxgrid. Mola was the first to bring the white grid to the market. It offers […]

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