28″- 71CM WHITE INTERIOR softlight

High contrast and edgy,  deeper than the Demi and more parabolic.  It produces a more focused light with greater contrast and more rapid fall-off.

If you’re a fan of edgy light with lots contrast the Mola Setti is the dish for you. Its deep, narrow profile delivers increased contrast and the unique hard-edged quality of light that has made it so popular. Harkening back to the contrast, compression of shadow detail and deep throw from light sources used in 1980’s black and white and color fashion images.

The Mola Setti creates a unique, stylized quality of light unlike anything else in the Mola line. While the Setti can be used close-in, in a similar manner as a traditional beauty dish, it is large enough to be used for full body applications.

The Mola Setti

The patented design of the Mola Setti Soft Lite Reflector captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. It is shaped to intercept all paths of light, no matter which direction they leave the flash tube, and redirects them toward the subject. This is a big improvement on most square boxlights which can only focus a portion of the light available.

This is the Setti Soft Lite 28″ model with a white reflective surface. Its size is perfect for portraits and mounts to your strobe head via your Chimera, Photoflex, or other brand speed ring, available separately.

  • The Setti’s deep narrow profile increases contrast and delivers a directional quality which is perfect for black and white as well as color images which require a noticeably distinct edge.
  • This reflector requires the adapter plate from your Chimera, Photoflex, or other brand of speed ring, to fit your light fixture.


Featured Gallery

Mola softlights have been featured on the cover of almost every major magazine and used to photograph some of the most famous celebrities in the world.