Rayo 16 (White / Silver)

MOLA RAYO 16 (White / Silver)

16" - 40CM SILVER INTERIOR softlight (White or Silver)

The deeper 50° parabolic angle has a more focused narrow beam of light than the 15″ with less spread, well suited to beauty and fashion work

The Mola Ray 16” shares the same hard light qualities, bright center core of light, intensity, contrast and a punchy illumination provided by our Rayo 15” only in a more focused narrow beam of light with less spread. Like the Rayo 15” this reflector is a perfect candidate for beauty and fashion work. 

Ideal for full length, location and fashion work, the Rayo Reflector has a completely different design than other Mola reflectors. It’s designed to be used alone as a main light or with other Mola reflectors as a fill or hairlight. The smaller diameter and greater depth gives it a harder beam of light, sharp shadows and a narrower, longer throw of light which can be altered using optional Opal and PAD internal deflectors or a grid.

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Mola softlights have been featured on the cover of almost every major magazine and used to photograph some of the most famous celebrities in the world.