The essential studio light.  Its unique design concentrates light to heighten output, yet still providing a feathered edge falloff.  Ideal for fashion, beauty and product

"To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place"Elliott Erwitt


Each of the Mola softlights shape light in a unique way before it hits the subject, because they were each developed with a different use in mind. The 33.5″ Euro was actually the first product we developed. It is designed with versatility in mind: It is a well-rounded (no pun intended) reflector that can be used for beauty, fashion and product work.  The Mantti on the other hand was designed to simulate window light. The Demi is a smaller version of the Euro.”

It offers a bright center core of light, gradual fall off and a beautiful wrap-around quality of light. This well-rounded reflector provides coverage, contour, proportion, contrast, and falloff, easily replacing the need for a range of softboxes. The Mola Euro is a truly multipurpose tool ideal for a wide variety of lighting tasks from product, to portrait, to beauty and fashion.

Taylor Swift photo shoot featuring Mola Euro

We spot a white Mola 33″ Euro being used for this SELF magazine cover shoot with famous pop star, Taylor Swift. The white 33″ Euro was used with the OPAL glass and no front diffuser.  Check it out behind-the-scenes: