The international standard. It’s contrast, directional nature, build and quality of light make it the perfect, must-have multi purpose modifier.

WHITE INTERIOR:  Among the crowded field of soft light beauty dishes the Mola Demi white is the international standard bearer. It’s contrast, directional nature, build and quality of light make it a must have multi purpose modifier for discerning photographers around the world. Perfect for beauty, fashion, headshots, portraits and location work. The Demi’s undulating design distinguishes it from competitors by providing a unique quality of light, clarity, heightened shape and directional illumination.

SILVER INTERIOR:  The Mola Demi silver shares the same signature undulating design, form factor and superior build quality of the white interior Demi but that’s where the similarities end. The silver interior Demi delivers an intensified quality of light, increased contrast, heightened directionality, sharper, more distinct shadows and increased falloff. With very little wrap, the silver interior finish produces a spectral light with a cooler color tone than the warmer toned white finished model.

The Mola Demi is a scaled down version of the Euro in every respect.  The Demi is a perfect companion on location from corporate portraits to beauty, or in the studio as a main light or companion fill light for the Euro or Manti

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Mola softlights have been featured on the cover of almost every major magazine and used to photograph some of the most famous celebrities in the world.