• Setti 28″ Beauty Dish, White Interior
  • Nylon Diffuser
  • 20° Polycarbonate Grid
  • Speed Ring for Profoto Flash Heads
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Mola Setti 28″ Beauty Dish Soft

The Setti Komplette with Case from Mola is a complete light modifier kit designed for Profoto flash heads. Comprised of the Setti 28″ beauty dish with a white interior, this kit also includes a nylon diffuser to soften the light output, a 20° polycarbonate grid to focus the light quality, a dedicated speed ring, and the Kase-S for protecting and transporting the kit components. This kit offers everything needed for modifying the light output from Profoto strobes and creating a unique, versatile look suited to a broad range of subjects.

The patented design of the Mola Setti Soft Lite Reflector captures and focuses light with maximum efficiency. It is shaped to intercept all paths of light, no matter which direction they leave the flash tube, and redirects them toward the subject. This is a big improvement on most square boxlights which can only focus a portion of the light available.

This is the Setti Soft Lite 28″ model with a white reflective surface. Its size is perfect for portraits and mounts to your strobe head.

The Setti’s deep narrow profile increases contrast and delivers a directional quality which is perfect for black and white as well as color images which require a noticeably distinct edge.

Mola 20° FlxGrid for Setti (Black)

The Mola 20° FlxGrid for Setti tunnels the broad output of the 28″ Setti Softlight to control spill light while providing a unique, dramatic falloff from highlights to shadows. Mola grids are extensively tested for their rigidity, ease of mounting, and ability to withstand with high temperatures. The grids are designed to fit snugly inside the recessed outer lip of the dish and are secured with touch-fasteners.

Mola Speed Ring for Profoto

Mola’s unique patented reflector design permits you to get more quality out of less light. Mola’s well-deserved reputation for maximum efficiency allows these reflectors to capture all paths of light, regardless of direction as they leave the flash tube and redirect them toward the subject. This metal Mola Speed Ring for Profoto is compatible with Profoto flash heads and all Mola reflectors.

UPC: 034447078810

Mola Kase-S Case for 28″ Setti or Sollo Beauty Dish Reflector (Black)

Store and protect your 28″ Mola Setti or Sollo Beauty Dish Reflector and mounted speed ring with the black Kase-S Case from Mola. For protection from dirt and moderate impact the case is made of Cordura nylon with 0.5″ padding and features a 0.75″ webbing around the center for added strength. A padded, interior divider is useful for securing up to two grids. The case is easily carried with the padded handle.

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