News: New Mola SOLLO

Mola Introduces the new Mola Sollo.
The rebirth of the Silver Setti is now the Mola Sollo.

The new silver interior is 1 stop brighter than our previous Satin Silver.
Brighter, Sharper and now paired with our Opal glass and PAD combination.
This newer, shinier interior surface of the SOLLO takes even more advantage of the deeper profile of the original 28″ Setti, further improving contrast and specular highlights.
This is the new 28″ Sollo. The current 28″ Satin Silver Setti is now discontinued.
Shipping May 15th, 2012
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  1. Hi, the note says that the mola sollo will be shipping today, but where can I order it????

  2. How about a photo? I’m more interested in Quality of Light, than Quantity of Light. Is it as shiny as The Beamm?

  3. hi, any updates on availability and price? really looking forward to th sollo…cheers!

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