Mola user: Polina Osherov – Living Doll shoot

We recently came across a lovely shoot ??by talented Indianapolis??fashion photographer,??Polina Osherov. Here Polina uses a speedlight mounted on the Mola Lumi bracket with the 22″ Demi.

“For lighting, I used my Mola beauty dish as the key light and filled either with available light or one of my speedlights bounced off a reflector. The hair light was either John?۪s video light or one of my AB800s with the snoot modifier.”

One of the advantages of using a speedlight with a softlight, such as the 22″ Demi, is the ability to produce really low lighting (without the need to use ND {neutral density} filters over more powerful lights) and the compact, portable nature of such a setup.

Read up on their thoughts from the shoot on their blog post here.

and some final stills…


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