Mola user: Matt Lanham

Today we head downunder to Australia to visit Matt Lanham’s stunning work. Matt contacted us recently thanking us for creating the Mola Setti which he …”really started to fall in love with…” when using it on a recent swimwear shoot. The mola he was using was the 28″ Setti.

In his blog post from this shoot Matt comments;

“I purchased a Mola 28″ Setti a little while ago, and was quite fond of it, but it truly came out on its own in this shoot. It was fantastic at brightening up the overpowering sunlight, without destroying the sun?۪s strong shadow shapes. It also helped to brighten up Chelsea?۪s face and make her look incredibly glamorous. I could not think of any other modifier I would have preferred to use on this shoot other than the Setti.”

and here is some of his images from the shoot.
Make sure you hit his blogpost to read his further thoughts on the shoot.

thanks for the email and wonderful photos Matt!

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