Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Dark Monsoon shoot

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear takes a break from his current busy season to shoot some personal fashion work as a collaboration, titled??‘Dark Monsoon’. It was shot in some local rainforest, adding smoke for visual effects and using his white 22″ mola demi (with stacked OPAL and PAD diffusers) as the main light.

“The mola demi really is my go-to location modifier. I can get a really soft diffused look with it, but I can also use my white mola flxgrid and get a harder look from it. Its size and portability really makes it just about the only modifier I use outdoors.”

white mola demi with white mola flxgrid, no sock…

and a grab from a bts video…

white mola demi with white sock…

and the white demi without grid or sock… (stacked)

more of Jonathan @

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  1. As usual great work from Jonathan, a man who truly understands how to get the most from the Mola Softlights. Who knew you could do so much with just one 22inch modifier….nice to see how the addition of the grid, controls spill, and the addition of the sock widens the spread of light for such scenes. Looking at the pictures it’s almost hard to believe they were lit with only one 22inch reflector.
    Truly the single best and most versatile modifier available. Great work jonathan and Mola!

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