Mola user: Jonathan Dear

Mola user: Jonathan Dear

Sydney wedding photographer Jonathan Dear of Vibrant Photography loves to create stunning fashion + bridal images on-location showcasing the beautiful Australian landscape. The Mola Softlight is his modifer of choice for the often harsh Australian environments for “… its rigidity, speed of setup and dealing with conditions such as wind”

“I just love the light output from the Mola dishes. I drag them everywhere with me, even lugging the mantti over remote locations like sanddunes is well worth the effort.”

It’s great to see the Mola range used outdoors…

28″ Silver Setti, no sock with stacked Opal + PAD center diffusers

28″ Silver Setti with sock, stacked center diffusers (Opal + PAD)

28″ Silver Setti with sock and PAD diffuser…

43.5″ White Mantti with sock and stacked center diffusers (Opal + PAD)

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