Mola User: Garigosa Studios, Barcelona

Mola User: Garigosa Studios, Barcelona

Today we look at the stunning Mola work from Garigosa Studios in Barcelona.

Behind Garrigosa Studio we find Joan Garrigosa (Photographer) and Alex Torrens (postproduction), a collaboration that exceeds 12 years. Both have adapted very well to the fast change from traditional photography to digital photography, where in the demanding world of advertising is taking more weight, especially with the entrance of the postproduction.

Joan began as a photographer doing social reportage, followed by industrial photo work. Gradually he started collaborating with some advertising agencies in Barcelona. After a while, greater versatility has allowed him to work in all photo fields and for all types of clients and projects, both domestic and international.

Make sure you check out their website:

Garigosa Studios shoots regularly with 3 of the Mola Softlights, the 28″ Silver Setti, 33.5″ White Euro and the 43.5″ White Mantti.

Here is some stellar images from 2 of their recent campaigns;


Thanks Joan and Alex for your incredible images!

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