Mola user: David Nguyen II

LA Fashion / Beauty Photographer David Nguyen is back kicking some serious pixels, this time in the form of a short promo video + stills. This video gives a fantastic insight into David’s journey into photography, his approach to it and how he shoots on location. You can check out the previous video we blogged here.

In the below video David mentions Mola at around the 2:00 mark…

Inside the Studio: DAVID NGUYEN feat. MOLA Products from Matt Rodgers on Vimeo.


… some final stills from some of the behind-the-scenes footage in the above video. These shots were taken using the 22″ Mola Demi.

Thanks David!

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  1. Thank you Kristian,
    There is always so much to learn about this craft, and the support that Walter Melrose have given us just makes it that much more enjoyable to create imagery.

  2. I’m curious to know which Grid he used? A FLXGrid Black? I can’t find information about this grid on, could you provide a link? Thanks!

  3. Also wondered about the grid on the Demi (at 3:29 in the video) and the Sam Ash drum case as well… I ordered the Demi and want a good case to protect and transport it to and from locations.

  4. Hello Everyone..
    thank you for all the private emails to me.. There are a few common questions I am receiving, so I wanted to answer a few here so that future visitors can find answers quickly.
    I saw your post on the mola blog – lovely work! I am wanting to buy a drum case for my 24 inch Mola and noticed you mentioned Sam Ash drum cases. Which one do you use ?as I am going to try and order one to be sent to New Zealand as I cant find anything suitable here.”
    ~Hello Fiona!
    Thankyou for taking the time to write me.. the case was a standard 22 inch case that I had them cut down the height dimension. I believe its for a Base drum which is thicker so they cut the case to 14inch height to fit the mola snug with my Profoto base.
    Please see this link for the manufacturer.. you can probably contact Humes& Berg directly and give them the dimensions you need.

  5. “Hi David,
    Hope you don’t mind me asking you for some help. I want to use a Mola beauty dish probably a 22” but I don’t know what flash heads that works with it, also do I need to get a grid for it, etc? I don’t want to spend an extortionate amount of money on a particular flash head just something that works well with this dish for portraits and half body shots. Any help is appreciated.”
    ~ Hello Wah!
    The Demi mola will work for many applications.. I am using it with Profoto light system. I have enjoyed the quality of light from the Profoto / Mola combination. I know there are tons of different light companies that will work with all Mola Lights.
    As far as grids, that is a personal style and choice. I think the standard light Mola offrers will give you beautiful light and the use of grids only modifies the light more for more spill control. I would try both and see what suits your shooting style. But is a grid a must have.. No.. it’s an additional Tool..
    Hope that helps you in the quest for beautiful light. You can’t go wrong buying Mola

  6. David,
    Excellent photography. You are an inspiration. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the setup you used for the 2 still shots above? Was it just the single Mola as your light source? or were there additional kicker lights etc being used?
    Any input on setting up such shots will be greatly appreciated.

  7. David,
    I have been surfing the net for days in search of information on the Mola Demi 2″ and came across your website. I cannot afford to make a mistake. I have Bowens esprit gemini flash heads with a so calld ‘S’Type fitting. Perhaps you would know if Molo provide a fitting that would allow me to fit the Nola 22″ to my Bowens flash units.
    Your responce would be most appreciated.
    Fred @ Home
    In the UK

  8. Good Evening david,
    First i would like to say you are one kick ass photographer.1 of the best by far.Love your style.What type of light do you use on the mola 22″ beauty dish?Is that the only dish you own by mola ?I appreciate your reply .
    Thank you

  9. @Magnum-Yoda ~ Thank you kindly for the killer comment! You simply can’t go wrong with Mola!!

    @Max ~ For the two shots above I used the Demi above model at a 45 degree angle as a key light.. I used a Plume wafer Octa as a kick or fill light.. My more recent GO-To setup is Demi key and Setti fill . So much easier and no assembly required. Shots like these are fairly easy and straight forward. I use the key light to expose for face looking at skin.. the fill is mainly for clothing to pop..
    @Fred ~ Glad to hear after days of searching you stumbled on my site.. I am not an expert on Bowens but I assume like Profoto and other light houses.. there is a similar maount. For my Demi.. I simply took apart my softbox ring mount and use only the round ring with the flat edge.. With four local hardware screws and bigger washers I secured it to the flat back of the mola. Hope this helps.. if not please email me with images of your fittings and I’m sure we can rig something to work.
    @Marcos ~ Big thanks again! I shoot with Profoto lighting since I love the mounting system and size of the entire system itself. I am currently using the Demi, Setti, and Euro. I know there is a new light called Beaam and would love to get my hands on one. Sir Walter Melrose!!! 🙂

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