Mola spotted: Make Me a Supermodel – Australia


Multi-awarding winning Australian Photographers, Denis Montalbetti and Gay Campbell of Montalbetti+Campbell did an amazing photoshoot for the first airing of the Australian TV series – Make me a Supermodel.

The huge 3.7m square set was created on the floor, composed of a series of large printed panels, the backgrounds from Gay and Denis’ personal stock libaries. Shooting from an elevated position, the models were directed by Denis and Gay from above as they lay on the background. The photoshoot occured at B2 Studios.

A diffused 43.5″ Mola Mantti was used for these images, and in some images part of the difusion sock was masked to control the spill of the light.

The incredible results:

and some behind the scene’s photos…

Larger images and more behind the scene’s photos can be viewed on their website,

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