Mola spotted: Brad Trent shoots Macy’s CEO


We spot a mola 22″ demi used by super NY photographer Brad Trent as he lights up Terry Lundgren, CEO of Macy’s. What we love to see here is Brad’s ingenuity in finding and setting up Mr Lundgren in an unsual backdrop, a pleasant escape from the typical commercial stand-in-amongst-your-business shots that a lot of execs have.

Here we see Brad use a big fill light to illuminate the scene and a gridded mola demi to provide the key light on the subject. In this way he puts the shadows where he wants them (i.e. on the subjects face) and has even soft illumination for his background and rest of the subject. Keeping the lights at a similar angle and distance helps eliminate competing shadows.

You can read about his thought processes from this shoot on his own blog post here and visit??

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