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News: Mola Lumi Bracket

The NEW Mola Lumi tilt bracket was created to mount speedlights / lightweight strobes on the existing 22″ Mola Demi (sold seperately). The bracket mounts on alternative screws of the demi, allowing for easy removal of the interior diffuser. Included with the bracket design is a completely new Lumilux diffuser, specifically optimised for the output of these smaller strobe units to give you the trademark mola-light output. Photos taken with the Lumi / Demi combo will be added to this […]

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Setti Video (German)

Clever German photographer, Ralph Man, has put together a brilliant video on the 28″ Mola Setti. The action starts at 0:24. He talks about the Setti, its light characteristics and shows a comparison between it and using a softbox. Although this video is in German, you can still get an idea of what he is talking about from the behind-the-scenes and his final images. Ralph runs professional workshops in Germany on lighting and photography. Check out his workshop website here. […]

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Mola spotted: Tyra Bank’s Shoot

Spotted! We came across photographer Matthew Jordan Smith and His shoot with supermodel, Tyra Banks. a behind-the-scenes look of the above series – The 28″ Mola Setti acting as the main light and the octa as fill. … Fascinating! Check out the full post from Matthew’s blog here with more photos and behind-the-scenes.

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Mola spotted: Canada’s Next Top Model

Spotted! This time we see the 28″ Mola Setti used for the tv-series of Canada’s Next Top Model.This shoot was from Episode 2 of the 3rd cycle of the programme. One of the girl’s first shoots in the program. The models were photographed individually in a controlled environment and compositioned in for the below group shot. The shooting was done in studio at S1 Studios in Canada. and some closeups… further images are found at this gallery from CNTM website.

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Mola spotted: Flare Fashion Magazine

Spotted! The 43.5″ Mola Mantti was used for the following Flare Fashion Magazine covers, and editorial shoots inside. The host of Canada’s So You Think You Can Dance, Leah Miller, graces the cover below! a behind-the-scenes video of the above Cover is linked below – click the image. and a few pages from the same issue also using the 43.5″ Mola Mantti… also check out a behind-the-scenes video of the flare shoot below… (courtesy of S1 TV )

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