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Mola spotted: Benetton Kids

Spotted! Amazing Kenyan born photographer James Mollison, shot the recent United Colors of Benetton Kids Collection with the 43.5″ Mola Mantti. The size and softness of the Mantti is pefectly suited to photographing children. See more of the shoot at the Benetton website –

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Mola user: Colin Anderson

Canadian born Colin Anderson moved to Australia from a young age with his parents, studied advertising / design and later went on to pursue a career in photography. Although Colin considers himself a generalist, he would categorise his work as stylistic, conceptual and often narrative driven. His unique approach has taken him into the hands of big companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Panasonic, Canon, MTV, Time, Mastercard and Kodak to name a few. Colin loves shooting with the 43.5″ Mola […]

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Mola Spotted: Elle Make Better editorial shoot

Spotted! We spot a white 28″ Mola Setti in use for the Elle Magazine’s Make Better editorial shoot, featuring model / actor Brooklyn Decker. Photography by Elle photographer – Matthias Vriens McGrath. The setti was un-socked with the OPAL central defector. Below is a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot with final stills screengrabbed below. An excellent example of a high-fashion (ahem) editorial shoot. More of Matthias work on his website:

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Mola user: Kristian Dowling

Freelance entertainment / celebrity photographer, Kristian Dowling shows us in a 9-part video series the equipment he regularly shoots with. In part 7 below, he shows us his Mola (white 28″ Setti) and explains why its one of his choice modifiers. Make sure you take a look at his website: and check out his amazing accomplishments.

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Mola user: David Nguyen II

LA Fashion / Beauty Photographer David Nguyen is back kicking some serious pixels, this time in the form of a short promo video + stills. This video gives a fantastic insight into David’s journey into photography, his approach to it and how he shoots on location. You can check out the previous video we blogged here. In the below video David mentions Mola at around the 2:00 mark… Inside the Studio: DAVID NGUYEN feat. MOLA Products from Matt Rodgers on […]

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