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Mola user: Fiona Quinn – The Magicians Daughter

Fiona Quinn is back to bring us some stunning images from what she calls “…one of the most favourite shoot I have done”. Working with animals is never easy, especially with noisy equipment like smoke machines but “Othello was so chilled out we got away with it”. In this ethereal shoot, Fiona uses a socked 22″ Mola Demi as a gorgeous subtle fill light. “I wanted the shoot to evoke the crisp chilly mornings of Spring when there is mist […]

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Mola spotted: Brad Trent shoots Macy’s CEO

spotted! We spot a mola 22″ demi used by super NY photographer Brad Trent as he lights up Terry Lundgren, CEO of Macy’s. What we love to see here is Brad’s ingenuity in finding and setting up Mr Lundgren in an unsual backdrop, a pleasant escape from the typical commercial stand-in-amongst-your-business shots that a lot of execs have. Here we see Brad use a big fill light to illuminate the scene and a gridded mola demi to provide the key […]

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Mola user: Fiona Quinn – The Distance

Heading back to New Zealand we check up on some more of Fiona Quinn’s latest beautiful work. Recently Fiona’s been very busy shooting outdoor editorials before the NZ winter sets in. The shoot below was for M2 Woman’s Magazine. Fiona calling this editorial shoot ‘The Distance’, drawing on inspiration from a location she sourced literally by the side of the road. Head over to her blogpost on this shoot to read her thoughts and process. Fiona uses a white 22″ […]

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Mola user: Matt Lanham

Today we head downunder to Australia to visit Matt Lanham’s stunning work. Matt contacted us recently thanking us for creating the Mola Setti which he …”really started to fall in love with…” when using it on a recent swimwear shoot. The mola he was using was the 28″ Setti. In his blog post from this shoot Matt comments; “I purchased a Mola 28″ Setti a little while ago, and was quite fond of it, but it truly came out on […]

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Mola spotted: Yu Tsai shoots Lenny Kravitz

spotted! We know Yu Tsai does sexy things with Mola’s. This time we spot Yu using 2 Mola 33″ Euros to light up singer Lenny Kravitz in a VS magazine backstage shoot. Behind-the-scenes video below… [youtube width=”640″ height=”390″][/youtube]

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