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Mola spotted: Taylor Swift shoot for SELF Magazine

Spotted! We spot a white Mola 33″ Euro being used for this SELF magazine cover shoot with famous country singer, Taylor Swift. The white 33″ Euro was used with the OPAL glass and no front diffuser. Behind-the-scenes video from the shoot is below; [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] and some stills from the shoot* *stills pulled from there web so are not a guarantee of color / final quality

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Mola user: Fiona Quinn – Veuve Noir shoot

Fiona Quinn makes our heart skip a beat again with her beautiful rendition of her ‘Veuve Noir’ shoot published in M2 Womans Magazine. Fiona lit this with a white 28″ Mola Setti, shot in studio at Kingsize Studios in Auckland, NZ. More workshops are planned for early 2012 by Fiona in New Zealand – make sure you get a chance to read up on them on her blog (includes previous workshop images) More thoughts and images on Fiona’s Veuve Noir […]

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Mola user: Polina Osherov – Living Doll shoot

We recently came across a lovely shoot ??by talented Indianapolis??fashion photographer,??Polina Osherov. Here Polina uses a speedlight mounted on the Mola Lumi bracket with the 22″ Demi. “For lighting, I used my Mola beauty dish as the key light and filled either with available light or one of my speedlights bounced off a reflector. The hair light was either John?۪s video light or one of my AB800s with the snoot modifier.” One of the advantages of using a speedlight with […]

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Llumm Studios & Innovafoto Mola test

Our fantastic friends at Llumm Studios, Valencia Spain, recently teamed up with the Spanish Mola distributor, Innovafoto, to create a comprehensive Mola test. There intention was to recreate the same conditions for each softlight, so they could appreciate the differences that exist among the different Mola range. “I am just excited about the new Mola reflectors. My company, Llumm Studios, in collaboration with Innovafoto, has collected each Mola reflector model to arrange a comprehensive test of their differences and??peculiarities. …??I […]

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Mola product: Mola Quadra Speedring

Mola is excited to release a new dedicated speeding for the Elinchrom 400w Quadra lighting system. No longer do you need to use an Elinchrom speeding and the Elinchrom RQ-to-EL adapter. This new speedring will ensure the quadra’s flashtube will sit deep into any of the Mola range, making sure you get the most out of your Mola + Quadra combo. and the new speeding with the elinchrom quadra mounted on a mola (compression mounting system) We have tested the […]

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