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Update: Mola Sollo

A few people have been asking about further information on the new Mola 28″ Sollo. Here is a photo of the new reflector. Here is is pictured with the OPAL glass central deflector which also has the stabiliser rings to hold it securely. These both ship with the Sollo. Like the other larger Molas (28″ and above) it has an integrated handle to secure onto your stand of choice. We do have stock at Mola Inc, distributors should start to […]

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Mola’s spotted: Pere Larr̬gula & Llumm Studios

Saludo to our Spanish friends! In this bts video we see Barcelona photographer Pere Larregula shoot with some of the Mola range at the Spanish Llumm studios, courtesy of Innovofoto distribution. At the 3:00 minute mark he talks about his experience with Mola from the shoot. Some stunning results from a talented shooter! Even if you don’t understand Spanish, its great viewing to see how Pere goes about his shots. In Pere’s blog post from this test shoot, He mentions […]

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News: New Mola SOLLO

Mola Introduces the new Mola Sollo. The rebirth of the Silver Setti is now the Mola Sollo. The new silver interior is 1 stop brighter than our previous Satin Silver. Brighter, Sharper and now paired with our Opal glass and PAD combination. This newer, shinier interior surface of the SOLLO takes even more advantage of the deeper profile of the original 28″ Setti, further improving contrast and specular highlights. This is the new 28″ Sollo. The current 28″ Satin Silver […]

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Mola user: Jonathan Dear – Dark Monsoon shoot

Australian wedding photographer, Jonathan Dear takes a break from his current busy season to shoot some personal fashion work as a collaboration, titled??‘Dark Monsoon’. It was shot in some local rainforest, adding smoke for visual effects and using his white 22″ mola demi (with stacked OPAL and PAD diffusers) as the main light. “The mola demi really is my go-to location modifier. I can get a really soft diffused look with it, but I can also use my white mola […]

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Mola user: Fiona Quinn workshop

Wow so its been a while. It’s good to be back! New Zealand fashion photographer, Fiona Quinn, recently ran a fashion photography workshop. “This time we explored shooting for different magazine genres and working with new season Winter trends to produce shots that are current and fashion forward. Both shots use simple lighting techniques but produce quite different results.” she says. here are some final images Fiona provided us with as well as a behind-the-scenes shot of her setup. In […]

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