Holiday Instant Rebate Codes

2019 Exclusive Holiday Discount Codes

Take an additional discount at checkout with the following Discount Code, up to $75 off each product!  Enter one or more of these discount codes at checkout and take an additional discount while supplies last. Show me the products→

Discount Code Product Additional Discount At Checkout
MO-DS220-$25 $25
MO-MS280-$50 $50
MO-SO280-$50 $50
MO-ME335-$75 $75
MO-MM435-$75 $75




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Earlier this year, Mola joined PromarkBRANDS and moved to a new manufacturing plant just outside of Chicago which also happens to be the home of Smith-Victor, and Photogenic.  Smith-Victor invented the first viable flash over 100 years ago and today still makes professional high-quality lights and accessories for the serious photographer right here in the heartland of USA. Show me the Smith-Victor deals→

Professional studio lighting.  Photogenic has been making some of the finest lighting equipment in the world for over 100 years.  There’s a great deal on a few of their Matrix monolights and kits offered at Dotline.  Take me to the Dotline Superstore→