FlxGrid Comparison

Toronto based fashion photographer Matt Baxter has done a quick test using the 2 different FlxGrids, we have developed, showing the difference in light quality and output.

Using a 22″ white Mola Demi with OPAL glass deflector the only changes were to the front of the grid;

First frame is just with the standard nylon diffuser sock, no grid
2nd frame is modified with the Black 25? FlxGrid
Last frame is modified with the White 25? FlxGrid

As you can see the new white Flxgrid not only grids the light but also softens the edges as well vs the black FlxGrid’s light. The white construction of the White FlxGrid makes it unlike any other grid on the market.

The Black FlxGrid’s are currently available from B&H and Adorama and the White FlxGrid will be available by the end of September.

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  1. Is the white grid out yet? I can;t seem to find it for sale, and it looks fantastic!

  2. I wanted to ask where can I get the black & white grid? Kacey is always sold out.

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