Angel Colon ??? New Work!

Photography and telling a story through images comes naturally to Angel. He has worked with many different mediums for his visual story telling, but photography has always been his main passion. Photographing either fashion or beauty is so much more than taking a photograph. He is always striving for those key moments of realness, energy, movement and true emotions in his images. In his eyes photography is a content learning and never-ending transformation. His work is an unspoken emotion. A sudden spark of spontaneity. It?۪s art???. It?۪s life.

Angel Colon is a fiction-based beauty and portrait photographer based in New York City whose work focuses on Beauty Fashion and Portraiture. His work has been featured in international publications and media.


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  1. I love these images. How ere they created? What is the top light, how is it placed, and is the bottom a large reflector fill? How did you tone the image? Looks wonderful.

  2. Here is the answer from Angel:
    “I was using a solid muslin background 10′ x 12′ … Used a silver Bounce reflector .. Main light was of course the Mola Setti beauty dish .. I double diffused it as well, something I love to do to soften the light fully … And I used the mola Mola Opal Diffusion Glass … In terms of tones my retoucher played with capture one color editor and color balance to get the tonality you see in the image.”

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