Monthly Archives: January 2014

Shake, Rattle and Roll

??I wanted a strong contrasty look with deep shadows and didn’t mind some drop off, I also shot this on the tungsten colour balance to give the shots a cooler colour cast. I asked my stylist to source a few things for me when she was working on another shoot – I wanted a slight androgynous feeling but some shots with a more feminine twist which is indicative of the era. Its important with fashion to not be to literal […]

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Glam hours

Olivier Chauvignat’s love for photography started in the 70’s. He is now a Beauty & Fashion Photographer in Paris, France. His favourite subject is??? light! His specialties are Fashion, Swimwear and Beauty featuring body, hair and jewlery. His work in studio with sophisticated lighting and using available light with the addition of flash is what gives his work that added edge.

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