Monthly Archives: September 2011

Mola user: Emily Soto – Monique Victoria

Chances are, if you’ve ever googled ‘mola setti’ you would have come across Californian fashion photographer??Emily Soto’s gorgeous work. In this shoot, Emily Soto shoots America’s Next Top Model contestant – Monique Victoria at the beach with a white 28″ Mola Setti and Alienbees flash. [youtube width=”640″ height=”360″][/youtube] and some finals from the shoot above… Make sure you check out Emily’s blog and Youtube feed for some more behind-the-scenes and beautiful photography.

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Mola user: Fiona Quinn – beauty shoots

New Zealand photographer, Fiona Quinn, is back to bring us the quinn-tesential look in her recent beauty editorial shoots. The first utterly gorgeous shoot is care of an editorial Fiona shot for M2 Woman’s Magazine, titled ‘A Brighter Shade of Pale’. This was shot with the??28″ Mola Setti… + you can read Fiona’s thoughts on her blog post here from this shoot. the second shoot was titled “Model Muse – Casey Lee” and was shot with the??22″ Mola??Demi… + you […]

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Mola tip: diffuse your Mola

Another way of softening the output of your Mola beauty dish is to use a diffusion sock. Unknown to a lot of people is that Mola actually makes 4 different types of diffusion socks for their entire range of Mola’s; (22″ – 43.5″) Standard nylon diffuser Mesh diffuser LW diffuser LW vented diffuser Standard nylon diffuser; nylon diffuser on B&H When you purchase a new Mola, it ships with the standard nylon diffusion sock as seen below (installed on a […]

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